March '22 - Foodie Box

Dog Mom Box

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"FOODIES” The kitchen is the heart of the home right? The first item in your foodie box is this perfect spatula! "Dog hair is part of the recipe," could not be more fitting for a kitchen with dogs. We hope you are hungry because this Jumbo M&M Rice Krispie treat is delicious! Thank you Treat House! We wanted to send an item that would be used often, if not everyday so we hope you love your new pot holder. We know everyone loves flaunting the fact that we are dog moms so we wanted to send an adorable "Less People More Dogs," grocery tote! This tote is perfect for groceries, books, laptops, dog accessories etc! We hope your doggy is hungry because they are going to love their new Smokehouse BBQ Chippin Treats. These treats are packed with cricket, pumpkin and carrot. A reminder that backyard barbeques are not far away! Thank you Chippin! We know that most doggies are obsessed with peanut butter so we thought it would be perfect to include this SNIFF dog toy from Huxley and Kent. Your doggy also might have received the super fun Sour Scratch toy! These toys are incredibly durable and so much fun we hope your puppers enjoy!
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